Contract Terms

Contract Terms

1. PERIOD OF CONTRACT : The Contract shall be undertaken for a minimum period of one year. It may be extended for further more years.

2. WORKING HOURS: The daily working tenure of our guarding personnel shall be of eight hour duration. However in certain specific operational are as owing to various inherent factors viz, remoteness scarce availability of trained manpower or the existing wage structure, our guarding personnel shall perform their duties on twelve hours shift basis.

3. BILLING AND PAYMENTS: We shall be billing the client on the 5th of every month and any less / extra duties actually performed, will be adjusted in the subsequent month’s bills. For ensuring timely payments to our guarding personnel, payment of our bills shall be released on or before 5th of every month by Cheque / D.D. drawn in favor of “TEAMFORCE SECURITY SERVICES”.

4. RE-EMPLOYMENT: The client shall not offer direct employment to any of our employees during the pendency of the contract or thereafter, at least for a minimum period of one year on termination of our contract. If our employees directly enrolled within the period as stated above, the client shall be liable to pay us the amount equivalent to one month gross salary of that individual.

5. TERMINATION OF CONTRACT: For termination of contract, the client can (a) Issue us a contract termination letter with one month notice. Accordingly, on lapse of the allocated period of one month we shall withdraw our guarding personnel after clearance of our full and final dues vide demand draft only . (b) terminate the contract instantaneously on clearance of our full and final dues plus one month notice charges vide demand draft only. If we do not receive the contract Termination Letter at least one month prior to our contract expiry date, the contract shall automatically stand renewed for a further period of one year with enhancement of 12% from the existing rates.

6. SERVICE TAX: As mandatory Service Tax will be levied to the client on our monthly billing.

7. REPLACEMENT OF SECURITY GUARD : Unsatisfied security guard will be replaced as and when the complaints received from the clients.

8. PAYMENTS TO OUR GUARDING PERSONNEL: The client or their employees shall not offer any payment in cash or kind to our guarding personnel deployed at their location for whatsoever and if they do so, it is entirely at their own risk. We are not responsible for the same.

9. FUNCTIONING TOOLS : During the pendency of the contract, for systematic security functioning at the client’s location, the client shall provide our guarding personnel, with a proper Security Cabin, Tables, Chairs, Torches ( with Battery Back Up ) Stationery items. Documentation Tools etc.

10. JURISDICTION: Our entire Contract is subject to Chennai jurisdiction only. Once again we assure that will be up to your best satisfaction and as per your expectations. We are in a position to commence our service with no prior time and request your good self to grant us an opportunity to render our services to your esteemed organization. kindly feel free to contract us through any communication media at any time and date convenient to you for your security requirement and pre-consultation.